Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick Link to Pics

Just in case you have any trouble accessing the movie below, you can click on this link to take you straight to the pictures.

Part 2 coming shortly. Really.

Part 1: Schladming, Austria

The movie below captures pretty accurately most of week 1, sans the couple of missed exits, u-turns, bad directions, a silent treatment now and again.

United International, by the way, is a big no-no. Get thee to Virgin or British Airways, but stay as far away from United as possible. It was possibly the worst flight we've ever had + terrible service + bad food + virtually no entertainment offerings. I would at this point also like to take the opportunity to offer my sincere and eternal gratitude to Apple's iPod and my little Dell laptop with DVD player, without which someone on that 11-hour flight would most certainly have suffered a very long and miserably painful death before we ever even hit the Continental Divide!

ANYway...enjoy this snippet of the first week of our vacay. More stories and part 2 of the movie coming soon.
Click on the arrow button below to play.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


God, it feels like we've been away forever. And then, of course, not long enough.

But we're back from our Germany/Austria vacation and am compiling the digital pics and video as I type.
Have lots of Chago and Saiaisms to share, but need to try to translate my notes as I was half looped on good beer and bad wine most of the time. ;)

Hope to get at the least the pics link up here by tomorrow, so check back soon!