Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, rather than risk mucking up your ability to load this page by cramming video on here, I'm just including the link to the slideshow of all the Seattle pics from our recent visit plus all the pics from the kids' graduation this morning.




Can't blog.

Too teary-eyed.

How many more of these milestones are there again?

Here are some pics to tide you over while I try to upload the little movie.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Took the kids to get tested (yes, tested at 5!!) for entrance into this private elementary school yesterday, and I was soooo nervous that I totally pulled a pageant mom on the way there..."tell me your ABCs, and count to 100, and where do we live, and what's your full name, and how do you spell dog and cat and bird and..."

And several times they told me, "Mom, we know all that stuff already!!"

And, of course, I know they do, but it was a really good wake up call for me that my competitive streak has never really gone away, and is apparently lying there in wait just beneath the surface, ready to pounce. [Will definitely have to control that with medication or vodka tonics as they get older.]

But anyway...turns out they did phenomenally well. The principal was very impressed and would like them to enroll immediately! Yay!!! We found a school. And they love it. And we love it. And it's only 2 minutes from my work. :)

So, on the way home I'm going on and on about how the teachers raved about them and how wonderfully behaved they were and how I was just so proud of them both. So then I ask them to tell me a little about their test, and Chago could really care less and just said it was great. Saia, who has her Mema's genes in her through and through went into every single living detail of the hour-long event. But the one thing that stood out for me most was when she said:

"And then the teacher pulled out a book for us to read, and I said, 'That's Owl Moon!!, and she said, 'That's right, Saia. Do you read Owl Moon at home?' And I said, no, we read it at school, but we have it on the iPod at home."

[Ugh! She may as well have said I drink martinis for breakfast!!!]

Monday, May 05, 2008


On our way back from Seattle on Friday (which I'll post more about later this week, replete with pics and all), I happened to notice that Chago was put together after his last trip to the bathroom.

"Boy, did you forget to zip up your fly?" I say, which never sounds quite as right coming out of my mouth as it does Amy's.

"Oops!" he giggles as he struggles to pull down and pull up at the same time.

"Can't let the snake get out," he says just a little too loudly to garner any more unwanted attention from our planemates than we already get as a family.

And then just to finish us all off, he adds..."Mine's a python, you know."

[I have absolutely no editorial comment on this one. Have at it.]