Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I can't be the only mother with this concern, so I'm throwing this out there for the rest of you who either have the same problem or just have a ready solution because you're smarter than me and need to feed that uncontrollable desire to prove it...

Either way, I'll take it because I just can't seem to find anywhere a passport holder that will carry multiple passports. I know on the surface it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but when we travel, I carry all four of ours the entire trip, which means I end up using a single passport holder stuffed with all associated documents (which means, as a lesbian couple, not only am I carrying the 4 passports, I need to also carry a letter from my OB indicating that I was inseminated by an anonymous donor, and therefore do not require paternal permission to take the children out of the country....AND we need to also carry the children's birth certificates [which have both our names listed as parents] in order to prove that they belong to both Amy & I, which inevitably involves producing our own birth certificates, just so that they can get that glare off their faces).

[deep breath...]

So...the thing is quite bulky and, honestly, just too damn unattractive, what with the broken zipper and the hot pink rubber band holding everything together. And I just won't do it anymore!!

So, PLEASE tell me you've seen something that can accommodate our little globe-trotting family. It doesn't even have to be a passport holder by birth, but does need to be compact enough to squeeze into my bag o' the day [and there's just no telling how large or small that could be at any given moment].

Okay, folks, challenge is out...let the suggestions roll!!!

And in the event that nothing turns up, I formally reserve the right *(c) Jo Anna Guerra 2008* to produce and market this concept on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch myself! Thank you very much for your support.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay, so how worried should we be that the very second we turned down the aisle in Home Depot that houses the bezillion varieties of ropes and chains that our 5-year-old Houdini lit up like Christmas morning???


Luckily, Mommy's trip got canceled this week, so we decided to spend Easter at home -- in our jammies -- and it was a really nice break.

Click HERE to view all the pics, including the making of cascarones, the easter egg hunt, the new tree ladder and swing, and of course, the cracking of the cascarones on the heads of unsuspecting mommies.

The most interesting part of the whole day, though, was trying to explain the premise of the Chrisitan Easter combined with the pagan celebration of the spring equinox and fertility and rebirth and the Jewish Passover in a way that would make sense to 5-year-olds and yet not trivialize the meaning of the holidays. It's definitely not an easy thing to do...to try and raise children who are aware, but not totally confused, by religious or spiritual events that at best are very different, but more often than not, completely diverge.

But I like that they ask questions. And I like that I don't feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would trying to answer them. I think what I need to do now is to ask them to paint me a picture of what they now understand Easter to be. That sounds like it could be worth framing.

Here are a few snapshots. Click HERE to see them all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Since our return from Cambridge a few days ago, Santiago has decided he will be attending King's College and Saia, Queen's College -- both in Cambridge UK.
(But they're not quite ready to leave the nest entirely, so they've also decided to put us up at the Garden House Hotel, which is just down the street, but on a permanent basis, which I'm thinking is not such a bad idea. I do love me some room service, baby!!)
"You know," I tried explaining to them, "you'll most likely live in separate dormitories," but they would have none of that and wouldn't even let me finish.
"No, Mama," he interjects. "Saia and I will share an apartment..." and he glances at her with his sly little charming smile.

"But with a door," she adds much too quickly, "...that locks."

[Ugh...they're growing up too fast.]

Monday, March 17, 2008


God, I can hardly believe it's been 5 years. I was retelling their birth stories this morning while we were getting ready for school and I could swear I felt pangs in my belly, tingling in my breasts. My eyes welled up and the kids wanted to know if I was okay. And the truth is that because of them, I'll always be on this side of okay. No matter what else there is - and in spite of all that there is, because of them, I'm forever whole.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well, after 3 long months of searching, someone finally found her!

Best Buy is bringing Amy onboard as their General Manager, and we could not be prouder! Way to go, Mommy!

See what staying positive and optimistic does for you?? :)

[Come on, now, you didn't really think you were gonna get away without an 'I told you so,' did ya?]


Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yes, I realize the Austria trip was way back in November. And yes, I realize I promised you the rest of these photos way back in January. So, sue me.

Anyway...here they are. They include our trip to the Salt Mine, the Sound of Music Tour, the Salzburg Zoo, Ice Skating, and gorgeous architecture of the city.

Click on the photo below to follow the link to the picutres: