Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Since our return from Cambridge a few days ago, Santiago has decided he will be attending King's College and Saia, Queen's College -- both in Cambridge UK.
(But they're not quite ready to leave the nest entirely, so they've also decided to put us up at the Garden House Hotel, which is just down the street, but on a permanent basis, which I'm thinking is not such a bad idea. I do love me some room service, baby!!)
"You know," I tried explaining to them, "you'll most likely live in separate dormitories," but they would have none of that and wouldn't even let me finish.
"No, Mama," he interjects. "Saia and I will share an apartment..." and he glances at her with his sly little charming smile.

"But with a door," she adds much too quickly, "...that locks."

[Ugh...they're growing up too fast.]


amazonfm said...

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Just between you and me though, the first one is a little pricey.

saia and chago said...

Very cool! Thanks so much for the recommendations! :)

amazonfm said...

No worries!