Monday, March 24, 2008


Luckily, Mommy's trip got canceled this week, so we decided to spend Easter at home -- in our jammies -- and it was a really nice break.

Click HERE to view all the pics, including the making of cascarones, the easter egg hunt, the new tree ladder and swing, and of course, the cracking of the cascarones on the heads of unsuspecting mommies.

The most interesting part of the whole day, though, was trying to explain the premise of the Chrisitan Easter combined with the pagan celebration of the spring equinox and fertility and rebirth and the Jewish Passover in a way that would make sense to 5-year-olds and yet not trivialize the meaning of the holidays. It's definitely not an easy thing to try and raise children who are aware, but not totally confused, by religious or spiritual events that at best are very different, but more often than not, completely diverge.

But I like that they ask questions. And I like that I don't feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would trying to answer them. I think what I need to do now is to ask them to paint me a picture of what they now understand Easter to be. That sounds like it could be worth framing.

Here are a few snapshots. Click HERE to see them all.

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