Monday, May 05, 2008


On our way back from Seattle on Friday (which I'll post more about later this week, replete with pics and all), I happened to notice that Chago was put together after his last trip to the bathroom.

"Boy, did you forget to zip up your fly?" I say, which never sounds quite as right coming out of my mouth as it does Amy's.

"Oops!" he giggles as he struggles to pull down and pull up at the same time.

"Can't let the snake get out," he says just a little too loudly to garner any more unwanted attention from our planemates than we already get as a family.

And then just to finish us all off, he adds..."Mine's a python, you know."

[I have absolutely no editorial comment on this one. Have at it.]


girlranting said...

OMG He's gonna KILL you for posting this when he grows up!!! XD ROTFLOL

amazonfm said...

Oh, I laughed and I laughed!

When young men in my classes(I teach Art at high school) hint at the size of their willy, I always answer with a 'dream on' or offer to go and get the magnifying glass and tweezers so they can check.