Thursday, November 10, 2005


"Santiago?" she calls across the aisle of the backseat.

"Yes, Saia, what is it?" he replies. [they're in particularly good moods this morning, obviously]

"What are you talking about?" she asks, referring to his incessant mumblings since we left the house this morning.

"I'm talking about the bat, Saia," he replies, and proceeds to relay the scene in The Rescuers where Evanrude the dragonfly zips into a glass bottle to escape the bats that are chasing him.

"Oh, okay," she says. "Santiago?"

"Yes, what is it, Saia?" he replies, sounding a little more exasperated this time.

"Tell another story," she demands.

"Okay," he says, and proceeds to relay a scene in The Rescuers where Ellie Mae and the other swamp folk come running to the aid of Bernard and Bianca as they leap from their air transportation, Orville the Albatross.

"The end," he firmly concludes, no doubt hoping to get back to his own musings sometime this morning.

"Thank you," she replies. "Santiago?"

"Yes, Saia, what is it NOW?"

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Big Mama said...

I just LOVE these two! Please keep us updated, they are wonderful!