Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Leo, The Veeeeeerrrrry Grateful Lion

On the way home from school yesterday, the kids were telling me about a new story they read called "Leo the Lion" (or some close approximation thereof). Chago (the true Garcia in him shining through) left out no details, remembered everyone's name, and prolonged the punchline to build the anticipation.

[I was so proud.]

"...and then after Leo carried the mouse on his back to his own home, the mouse said 'thank you' and Leo said 'it was my pleasure'." [And this apparently happens throughout the book, Leo helping some stray animal in the jungle and the animal thanking him and Leo saying 'it was my pleasure' because...]

Saia then interrupts, "Okay, Santiago, now it's my turn."

"Okay, Saia," he concedes [more often than not].

"So then, Mama, after Leo pleasured all the animals..."

[WHAT!?!?!?!?!? What exactly are they teaching them at the new school!?!!?!?]


A said...

hiahiahia...that was cute, gotta tell my leo partner~!

saia and chago said...

Yeah, you think it's cute now, A, but just you wait!!! :)