Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I can hear their voices rising, wafting over the sound of the Narnia audiobook (which they love, by the way), and piercing my ears as I weave in and out of the sea of stunned California drivers -- it's drizzling this morning, after all, oh what do we do? what do we do? And I'm calmly trying to tell them that I'm going to have to turn the story off if they don't settle down when Saia, obviously thoroughly exasperated with her brother at this point, screams at the top of her lungs...


And then she begins to weep. Uncontrollably.

And he, always indifferent to her overexpression of emotion (no comments, Elise), chooses simply to continue insisting in a very calm, very rational voice that yes, wolves can to dance.

She's over the edge now, kicking her legs all over the place and throwing her hands up in the air, and yelling over and over again, "Why won't you listen to me???" [yeah, I thought that one was a little funny, too.]

But he's completely unaffected, practically humming to himself some little diddy about wolves dancing. And she's just beside herself with frustration.

Keenly observing that an intervention is now definitely in order (and having reached a red light so that I can turn around and glare appropriately), I ask her to please explain why it is that she believes that wolves can't dance. [Yes, it's THAT important.]

"Well, Mama," she begins. [sniff, sniff] "It's because a wolf has 4 paws and walks on the ground, but a dragon can stand up on only his back two legs, so HE can dance."


"You see!?" she says, scowling at Santiago.

"Oh," he responds. "Ok."

[Oh, dear God, just 11 more days til vacation!!!]


Anonymous said...

LOL I sympathize with you my dear! We go through this EVERY day. Shaleena is the one who wants to disagree with Shelby and make Shelby cry CONSTANTLY! hehe

saia and chago said...

Isn't it just amazing that even at their age they know exactly what their reaction (or nonreaction) is going to do to the other? I just can't believe their minds work like this -- already.


Jo Anna

Anonymous said...

LOL It IS amazing!

Anonymous said...

You havent posted in a while, but I wanted to tell you...I've been having a lot of "Calgon take me away" days lately LOL