Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Children of the Corn is still, as...uh...corny as it is, one of my all time favorite horror flicks. I mean, you really can't beat it. Linda Hamilton before she was buff. Whatever that guy's name is who was on 30-Something, Peter somebody. And those kids. Scary, scary little suckers. Malachi haunted my dreams for yeeeeeeeears.

Aaaaanyway. There's this part of the movie, you may recall, when the freaky children all point their fingers at the strangers in town and yell, "INTERLOPERS!!!!!"or "OUTLANDERS!!!!!" Holy pre-pubescent cult following, Batman! I'm creeped out just talking about it again.

So, the other day...


"Yes, Saia?"

"Why do those people still have Christmas lights on their houses?" Saia ponders aloud -- as she often tends to do.

"Oh, baby," I begin to explain. "They're just procrastinators."

"What's a crastinator, Mom?" asks Chago.

"A procrastinator, Son, is someone who is putting off doing something they should probably already have done," I sum up in a nice neat little package.

"Oh," says Saia, looking back out into the neighborhood, "okay."

And then every day, for the past two weeks -- that's 14 very long days, FYI -- they've each pointed and screeched at the top of their lungs as we drive by the still very merry looking homes in our little 'hood, "PROCRASTINATORS!!!!!!!!!!!"

And I gotta say...little creeped out over here.

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