Monday, April 09, 2007


One of the multitude of gifts they received for their birthday was this very cute little croquet set. [Seriously? you say.] Yeah, we thought the same thing. But the kids really seemed to take to the experience -- oh, for about 10 minutes. Which, really, when you translate that into toddler time is like 3 hours!!!!

But anyway...Saia, inherently cursed with her anal retentive attention to detail by both nature and nurture, just loved the whole bit. She helped me tear open the package, read the directions, and set up the course. We matched the little tunnel thing-a-ma-gigs to the color coordinated mallet and ball, and we even measured the distance to the winning pin from each lane. And then she proceeded to repeat my every instruction to both her brother and her Mommy AS SHE PLAYED (the little multitasker!), and much to their collective annoyance.

Chago, on the other side of the coin...immediately shot his ball across the lawn and into the street, stepped on 2 of the 4 tunnels, sent the head of his mallet flying across the driveway, and screamed that it wasn't fair that Saia always won when, of course, she did.

So, here I am, always mindful of being politically correct, always trying my best to be diplomatic, always determined to see the black, white and grey of every possible situation, in what I always thought to be my grandest social experiment -- that is, raising these two children in exactly the same way, with the exact same set of rules, with no gender biases, no social norms imposed, no pinks for her and blues for him, allowing them to ultimately be who they choose to be bywhatever means and in whatever manner they choose to express it -- and all I can really say is "OH MY GOD, HE'S SUCH A DAMN BOY!!!!!!"

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