Thursday, July 26, 2007


And, boy, did we have a wonderful time! Although we missed a whole lot of you, we had some really great friends come over (from Seattle, Cali, and the UK) for a real live downhome crawfish boil, and, for the most part, it came off without a hitch...or at least without any major propane explosion.

By far, the strangest scene, though, was watching my gentle (yes, I know that's a slight stretch, but the story won't work without it), animal loving babies literally RIP the little heads off those poor crawfish corpses, suck out their guts, and swallow the tail without ever coming up for a breath. It was almost...grotesque. But, man, they had a great time!

So, click on the PLAY button below to watch a little slideshow of the big event, and help us wish Mommy another phenomenal year!

Special thanks to Louisiana Crawfish Co, who I'd highly recommend for your next little gathering. It was just perfect!

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