Friday, January 04, 2008

384,000 Outages Reported in the Bay Area!!!

Can you believe that??? Some 30 miles of downed power lines and 40 transformers or so.

The winds were up to 67 mph at the airport today! It felt like a mini-hurricane.

But things have died down a little, and it's mostly rain and flooding that's got folks worried.

We're doing fine. No problems so far, and we still have power. Just wanted to pass along the info in case anyone was concerned.


girlranting said...

Well, I'm emerging from lurking to ask you guys if you're ok... You haven't posted in a while, and am wondering if the storm didn't get you guys after all.

Your kids are beautiful, by the way! Make sure they learn their espaƱol thoroughly before they get into grade school, or else they'll probably ditch it completely (happened to a friend of my aunt's back in the US, I live in Mexico)

amazonfm said...

Yeah, me too, where are you all?