Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"So, how was everyone's day today?" I ask when I pick them up from school yesterday.

"Fine," says Chago in his oh-so-typically Y chromosome way.

"Today was brontosaurus day," begins Saia....and then she moves right into the details of the four games they played outside, who won, who cried, and who ended up in timeout (this is when she usually fingers her brother for something he hasn't copped to yet), and then she effortlessly and without interruption recounts all the books they read, the various projects they each produced, the two different snacks they had (and not just what they ate, but who ate what exactly), what the teachers said or did or forgot to do, who napped and who didn't (again, casually rolling her eyes in her brother's direction), who was at school on time and who was late, who left early and who was out sick, what everyone wore (and of that, what was brand new), that Teacher Teresa brought her dog in to visit today, and, Mom, don't forget tomorrow's gymnastics, and who's going on vacation this summer and where, and who's going to summer camp or karate school or swimming, and what time and how often everyone went potty, and how often, for crissakes, everyone inhaled and exhaled throughout the freaking day!!!!

And yes, all in one sentence. And all in the span of about 20 seconds.

And she knows nothing of caffeine or chocolate yet, people!

Amy swears my mother did this to her on purpose during those two years she lived with us when the kids were really learning to speak. She calls this the curse of the [enter my maternal family name here]. :) I think it's freaking hilarious!!

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