Friday, March 19, 2010

i don't wanna think about sandra bullock today

I can't.

It pains my heart.

That they're suggesting that she should've known. That he was always a player. That she thought she could change him.

Therefore, somehow, when it actually happens, that she should've expected it.

And even worse, that they're suggesting that she brought this on herself. That she was filming on location for The Blind Side for 11 months. That, therefore, must give him carte blanche. How could she expect him to remain faithful for that long? How could she expect him to stand by her side, support her, have her back? I mean, come on, people, it's not like they were filming on the moon.

The nerve of her.

She fought the media when they first got together. Defended their bad boy/good girl relationship tooth and nail.

She stood by his side through all the controversies with his ex. Has loved his children like her own. Gave him a life he probably never would've had.

And for what? Because the betrayal is one thing. The loss of trust. But feeling like a pendeja....there's no coming back from that. Not for a Southern girl.

Putting herself out there. Standing up in front of the whole world and holding him up as her rock. And let me just be very clear that it has nothing to do with this other woman. And it's annoying as hell to hear people talk about her like, "I can't believe he left Sandra for THAT" -- because what she looks like, what she appears to be, what she is or isn't in her real life is not nearly as important as what she represents.

And what she represents is this massive societal shift towards expecting and even condoning the breaking of the sacred pinky swear.

Because that's all this is about. A broken promise. Not being a man/woman of your word. And not having the balls to say out loud the things that make you put your boots under someone else's bed BEFORE you actually take them off.

And I'm sick of hearing women say, "All men are dogs!!" 'cause, please ladies, ALL men don't cheat. And it's completely unfair to lump them all into that group.

And, let's not forget, that this isn't just about men.

I have a gigantic lump in my throat as I write this today. But am so grateful for the two little Oscars I received despite and in spite of my own blindside.


growingupartists said...

And by Oscars, I'm assuming you mean your two precious boys.

JO ANNA GUERRA (of The Adventures of Saia and Chago) said...

One of each, actually. But yes.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautifully put....the whole siituation just infuriates me. - Liz

twononblondes said...

I agree, it is beyond sad and I wanted it to be false with all my heart. But on a happier note, you gained one follower. You had me at pendeja.

Woo222 said...

You hit the nail right. on. the. head. The media should go screw themselves...excuse me, but they should. I hurt for Sandra. Bean got married less than four months after I someone she courted, romanced, and screwed while we slept in the same bed, named our future children, and planned our future together. It hurts less now and I'm grateful I left when I did and SO grateful I didn't let her talk me into having babies when she wanted to. I know my experience was just a little bit bad...we didn't have years and years of history between us..just a few years. I'm thinking of Sandra too. And the media should screw off with their speculations and blaming the one who was blindsided.

JO ANNA GUERRA (of The Adventures of Saia and Chago) said...

@Liz, thank you so much.

@twononblondes, am absolutely stealing that phrase for a future post ("you had me at pendeja") -- just brilliant!!

@Woo222, wishing you were closer so we could've drowned our tears in a couple of margaritas together!

Zoe Right said...

Well Obviously we are soul sisters separated at birth since apparently we think the exact same way!