Sunday, May 09, 2010


So, they crawled into bed at the crack of dawn, whispering "Happy Mother's Day" and slobbering me with kisses. We talked about the day they were born (although their favorite stories are the ones when they're still in the womb). And we all went to brunch this morning, and came home briefly to open our gifts from the kids and from each other, which, yes, included those awesome portraits of one another for their Mommy's place.

Then the kids and I went to see a live performance of Cinderella playing in our little hometown theater.

And it was absolutely the best thing I could've done.

I lovedlovedloved watching them experience the whole thing. From the moment we walked up the sidewalk to the ticket box, and they kept commenting on how everyone was all dressed up and "fancy," and several people gave Santiago the nod of approval and two thumbs up for his little vest and tie combo, too (that he'd picked out all on his own, by the way), to the walking through the hallways and looking at the pictures of previous live shows and trying to identify the characters from their costumes, to the surprising request from my two little social butterflies who insisted on walking around during intermission to say hi to people they knew.

It was a really fun performance. They laughed and clapped at all the right places. They even stood up at the end to give the players and orchestra a standing ovation.

And then we went for yogurt afterwards, which, here lately, is just one of our all time favorite any-time-of-any-day-on-any-week-for-any-reason thing to do.

Then, evidently inspired by the events that afternoon, they decided to put on a play of their own for me once we got home, complete with paper plate masks, capes, singing, and even an intermission, during which I was allowed to turn back on my cellphone, but "only for 5 minutes."

As if that weren't enough, they then prepared and served me an after-show snack all on their own. She brought me a cute plastic decorative plate with a vine of red grapes, a little glass bowl with granola, and a graham cracker on the side with a maraschino cherry on top. It was tasteful. Appealing. And just so sweet. Clearly, she's a Top Chef in the making.

He brought me a sagging paper plate with a whole bruised apple, 2 wrapped Babybel cheese wheels, a graham cracker with slices of strawberry (replacing the dirty butter knife back into the silverware drawer), and 3 maraschino cherries on the side (one of them clearly half-eaten). But it was adorable. And so beyond sweet.

And they made sure I ate every single bite.

We showered, trimmed the boys' hair, read some Harry Potter, and sang some of their favorite baby songs before tucking them in for the night.

It turned out to be a surprisingly lovely day.

But I spent the rest of that evening missing my mother and grandmothers. Wishing I could be near my cousins and aunts and friends who are mothers. Looking through baby pictures of my roly-poly little monsters. And trying to ignore the pangs in my uterus.

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