Monday, May 21, 2012


No. No way these are my babies. Isn't it bad enough that twelve times a day we have to tell ourselves that they're growing up too fast???

We have to content ourselves with the fact that maybe they'll still need us to pack their lunches for a few more years, bandage up their owies for a few more years, read them bedtime stories for a few more years. But then what?

Do we really need to flash forward 15 years?? Do I really need to be reminded that they're actually not gonna live under my boob, tied snugly to my apron strings forever? Why? Why is that necessary? Can't you just leave me to my delusions? Ugh.

Damn, you, Career Day, for throwing me into a tailspin this morning and making me bawl all the way to work.

But here's your next great fashion house mogul and the CEO of the next top animation studio anyway.

I hope you're happy.

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