Monday, December 05, 2005

run and hide, run and hide

Last night on our way home, the kids were in a singing sort of mood. So, lucky for me, at the top of their lungs, they sang twelve (at least) different renditions of "where is pointer... thumbkin... pinky... etc." A really cute one was "where is Mema...Mommy...Mama, etc." But the last one was the best.

Chago was playing with his favorite plastic snake whom he's named Ka (from the Jungle Book). So he starts singing, "where is Ka, where is Ka, here I am, here I am, how are you today sir, very well I thank you..." and then abrubtly stops and stumbles over his words to get out as quickly as possible that as soon as he's finished doing Ka, he's going to do Baghera (the panther from Jungle Book). And you can just see the little wheels churning in his head as he fathoms the infinite possibilities (next he can do Baloo the bear, and then Sheer-Khan the tiger, and then King Louie, and then Mowgli, and then the vultures, and then...)

He's just so excited and almost stuttering trying to get it out, and then amazingly jumps right back in to the song exactly where he left off, " and hide, run and hide." He doesn't skip a beat as he moves into his next verse just as he planned..."where is Baghera, where is Baghera" [and he's smiling from ear to ear].

Genius, I tell you.

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