Tuesday, July 11, 2006


"Mama," says Chago pensively as I'm brushing my teeth this morning.

"Yeth, Bubba?" [rinse. swirl. spit.]

"The horse is the king of the farm," he says in almost a question, but not quite.

"Sure, son," I reply, "that makes sense to me. So, then who's king of the jungle?"

"THE LION!!!" he roars.

"So then who's king of the forest?"

"THE WOLF!!!" he howls.

"Well, then who's king of the oceans?"

"THE SHARK!!!" he sneers.

"And what about the sky?"

"THE DRAGON!!!" he hisses.

"Okay, but who's king of this house?"

"me," he says a little hesitantly, which then spreads across his face into a huge grin as he realizes that he's absolutely right, and, man, I really inserted foot in mouth with that one, didn't I?


Merr said...

Very cute! Your kids are very bright!

saia and chago said...

Thanks, Merr. Although, some days I'm more than a little unnerved at how their little minds work. :)

Jo Anna