Monday, September 18, 2006


My beautiful girl is driving me up the freaking wall!!! She's stuck -- just STUCK -- on starting most of her sentences with "Mom, could I..." -- which in itself is already a pre-existing sore spot 'cause we've been working on the "may I please" for quite some time now. But what's driving me particularly insane of late is that she's gotten into the dreadfully bad habit of slurring her words in order to get things out quicker than her brother. So, this already annoying little gem is now coming out as "Mom, coo-aye...," "But Mom, coo-aye just...," "Mom, coo-aye, coo-aye, coo-aye...."


"Coo-aye is NOT a word, Saia!!!" I must've said at least 3 million times in the last two weeks... which is technically not true, I realize, so I just want to qualify my ranting with the following allowances:
Ka‧u‧a‧i  [kah-oo-ah-ee, kou-ahy]
n: an island in NW Hawaii. 38,856; 511 sq. mi. (1325 sq. km).

kwai [kou-ahy]
n: the basic unit of money in China [syn: yuan]

But betting all my kwai that neither of the above meanings has ever been her actual intent, I'm afraid I must resort to my original grievance and woefully shout one last time at the top of my virutal lungs, "COO-AYE IS NOT A FREAKIN' WORD!!!"


Kiles said...

Wait until they are teenagers and all they speak is mobile phone slang :-|
Can be fun... hee hee

saia and chago said...

You'll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but the thought of having to scour through cell phone bills and check into their My Space blogs to make sure they're not getting themselves into sticky situations they can't get out of just scares the holy bejeezus out of me, and I would gladly keep my terrible threes as perpetual toddlers to avoid that phase!!

You're a braver woman than I!