Thursday, March 01, 2007


Around 8:40 tonight, right in the middle of the American Idol results show (thank you very much), the house started shaking. Jolting, really, in my very green opinion (as opposed to "rolling," whose difference only the locals are so keen on distiguishing).

But it literally took all of 3 seconds. The house creaked and moaned a little. My stomach jumped into my chest. We both sprang to our feet. The kids were still snoring soundly. Nothing even moved. The dogs didn't even bark.

The aftershock was like a 1.8 or something. Didn't even feel that one. But's what it looked like from one of the national seismic associations.

From our perspective, though, all's well. Not to worry. :)

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K J and the kids said...

WOW !!! That is insane.
I'm so glad that everyone is ok.
That is a great fear of mine...that something (earthquake, fire, break in) happens and I can't get to all of my kids.
They have been telling us that we should expect "THE BIG ONE" anytime now (we live in Utah). Who really knows.
Pretty dang amazing....I bet 3 seconds felt like an eternity.