Sunday, August 12, 2007


So, now that the majority of their friends have gone and graduated to kindergarten, the terrible duo have found themselves in a bit of a rut. Nobody wants to get dressed in the mornings, and nobody wants to go to school.

Most of the new kids coming in are two and under, and, no, the you-get-to-be-the-big-kids strategy doesn't seem to be working. They're not enjoying being there suddenly, and mostly I think now they're just bored. And really, nothing good can come of this, people. Idle hands and all that.

Case in point:

"So, Chago," I prompt over breakfast, "who are you playing with now that Milo and Olivia and Kieran are gone?"

"My sister," he says mopily.

[Yes, a bit of an awe factor, I admit, but just wait...]

"Well, don't you like Nicolas?"

"No, he's boring," he summarizes concisely, "I prefer Saia."

"Well, isn't Jakey still there?"

"Yes, but he doesn't like the things I like," he says.

"Well, what about Sammy? He seems nice," I add, knowing that I could go through all 31 kids and he'd have different answer for every one. But alas...

"No," says Saia, who's been chomping at the bit in the background. "We're not in him, Mom."

And suddenly I get a little creeped out by the twin thing and begin to realize I may need to spend a little more time project managing our playdates.

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