Friday, August 28, 2009

my uterus hurts tonight

The house is soooo empty tonight. It suddenly feels cavernous.

There's no fighting, no yelling, no laughing, no tattletaling, no giggling in bed when they should be sleeping, no last minute pitter-patter runs to the potty.

There's just me. And the giant TV. And, of course, the dogs.

And I know it's a good thing, and I know how excited they were about it, and I know how much Amy needs this, too. And I'm grateful that this is even an option, and I'm grateful that Amy and I continue to work together so well, and I'm grateful for the possibilities that abound.

Everything about this is absolutely fine. But they're having a sleepover at Mommy's apartment tonight, and I have pangs in my uterus where their little bodies used to be, my arms are just aching from their absence, my ears ringing from the deafening silence, and my heartbeats on pause til we're together again.


Woo222 said...

That must be hard. I mean, it's very cool you and Amy are being adults and sharing the children nicely, but it sounds pretty lonely too. :( Take the time to nurture yourself. Heck, even pamper and spoil yourself. Because you're worth it. ~Susan

Woo222 said...

That picture cracks me up. The way they have their arms around each other and Chago's hand on Saia's chin is just too cute.