Sunday, February 21, 2010


I counted 23 today.

Twenty-three items of clothing turned inside out in the hamper.

And did you know that each item takes me approximately two seconds to turn right-side out and sort?

So, that's 46 seconds of my life wasted right there alone.

And that was just this week.

What's the big deal, you say. It's just a couple of seconds, you say. Not even a minute, really, you persist. I mean, come on, Jo Anna, you're flipping out over nothing here. (God, you're a pushy little tart, aren't you?!)


Let me tell you a little about this nothing, honey. In a month, that comes to somewhere between 184 and 230 seconds wasted (you know, 'cause of the varying number of weeks in a month).

In a year, at a minimum, that's over 2,392 seconds wasted.

Or 39 minutes and 52 seconds.

And over the next 12 years of doing laundry for these two, that'll come to 478.24 minutes -- or SEVEN HOURS, 58 MINUTES, AND 24 SECONDS!!


That's a work day, people! Without lunch or breaks even. And, you know what? It's time to pay the piper.

So, the new rule has been instituted. And the penalty is twenty-five cents per item that I find inside out in the hamper.

I figure I'll rake in $5.75 a week. That rounds out to about $23 bucks a month. Which comes to roughly $299 per year. So by the time they graduate, I'll have $3588 socked away (ooooohhhh, yes, that pun was soooo intended). That'll at least buy me ONE round-trip ticket to Milan for a weekend and a not-too-cheap pair of Louboutins.

Damn right.

NOTE: A special thanks to Mommy for providing all of the numerical data for this post. Just looking at all those numbers makes my head start to bleed through my ears.