Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"WHOA! Bubba! Stop right there!" I yell, as I just happen to turn away from the stove in time to see him with the children's pumpkin carving knife held menacingly above his head.

Saia looks up naively from the box into which he's coerced her.  "No, Mom, it's okay. I'm fine," she says with a smile, as she suddenly reminds me of those Tom & Jerry cartoons, body of a pre-carved turkey with the talking head of my daughter.

"Exactly WHAT do you think you're doing, son?" I ask without trying to imply...too much.

"A magic trick," he says very matter-of-factly.

"From your magic book?" I ask.

"From my head," he says, gleaming.

"With knives?" I ask.

"No, Mom," he rolls his eyes. "Not knives. Just one knife," he reassures.

"And, Saia, you think this is a good idea?" I ask.

"He said he knew what he was doing," she shrugs her shoulders.

[Oh, no, baby. We'll have to take that one on some other time.]

"Ok, son.  Let's make a deal. I'll trade you that single pumpkin knife for SIX plastic ones if you can tell me exactly how you're gonna do this without touching your sister. At. All."

"At ALL?!?!" he says in utter exasperation.

The Famous 7 Swords Trick

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