Friday, November 19, 2010


Chago sportin' his new kicks!

"Hello??" I say, always wary when it's a number I don't recognize.

"HI, MAMA!!" he says, all chipper, and sounding like he's right in the next room.

"Hi, bubba. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, ma'm," he says, and I can hear the clamor of second-graders around him.

"So...kiddo...what's going on? Shouldn't you be in class already, son?"

"Oh," he says, as if he's completely forgotten not only why he called, but THAT he called, and THAT he was standing in the middle of a roomful of 7-year-olds.

"Ms. G. found your earring, Mom," he says brightly.  "The one you lost yesterday when you came to teach PEP."

"Oh, that's great! Please tell her thank you for me, bubba.  And would you mind putting it in your backpack to keep it safe?"

"Oh, sure, Mom," he says.  And then he just sits there. Waiting.

"So...papa...was that all you called for?"

"OH!" he says, "No, I forgot to tell you that I turned in Saia's homework for her."

"Ok, son, that's great.  I'm sure she really appreciates that," I say, glancing over at our little fevered girl who's clearly still upset with me for making her stay home, but is becoming increasingly more comfortable with the idea as she splays out on the sofa watching cartoons with a pile of good-for-her snacks at the ready.

Saia sportin' her...self :)
"Is she watching a movie?" he asks.


"What's she watching?" he continues.


"It sounds like Ben10. Is she watching Ben10?"

"Chaguito. You need to get back to your class, sweetheart.  No more calling home, and no going to the office with imaginary symptoms, okay?  I know you'd rather be here hanging out, but Saia's not having any fun, baby. She's sick and can't play.  You're very lucky you're feeling well enough to go to school today. It's your last day before Thanksgiving vacation. It's gonna be a fun day for you, pop!!"

"So, is it Ben10?"

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