Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Took the kids to see their first movie in an actual theater over the New Year's weekend. It was a 10:30am matinee of Happy Feet, and soooooo worth the $50. [Yeah, I know, I can hardly believe that's what it costs these days for a family of 4. What the hell!?!? I mean, even I remember when it used to just be a couple of bucks to get into a show, and if you went to a matinee (and not a butt crack of dawn one either) it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. But noooooooo, the greedy media moguls make me resort to waiting anxiously at my living room window for this week's disgruntled postal worker to shove my previously viewed (and viewed and viewed and viewed) Netflix selection into my mailbox, so that I'm inevitably and forever relegated to being behind the times, out of touch, and totally clueless when the Oscars are handed out.]

ANYWAY...bitter pill swallowed...loved the movie. Had a great time. Chago ate practically a whole tub of popcorn (unsalted, unbuttered, of course) all on his own (and then threw it all up at bed time). And, as usual, they completely surprised me in that they weren't scared at all at how big the screen was or how loud the music was or how totally terrifying the monster seal looked. They asked a few questions here and there, but in general really seemed to understand what was going on. And when it was all over, they asked me to rewind it and skip the credits this time.

Click the PLAY button below to watch the movie trailer with the best song ever.

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