Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My sincere apologies (and heartfelt gratitude) to everyone who's been asking if we're alright, and checking the blog regularly, and even those of you sending me those nasty threatening little email messages if I don't post soon...

But yes, we've been very much out of the loop lately, though not because of the storms or outages. Work has me turned completely inside out right now with a new re-org of my group and the sudden departure of my boss.

On top of that, I've been traveling for work, dealing with food poisoning from bad, bad, bad Denver airport restaurant, helping the kiddos, Amy, and myself in and out of several iterations of the flu, completing and online certification program, and, oh yeah, starting my MBA.

Amy's been out of work now for a few months, which has been a little tough on her -- although, I gotta say, I totally love coming home to dinner on the table and glass of wine at the door. But some legitimate companies are biting now, so I may very shortly lose the best personal assistant I've ever had. But, truly, she's going totally stir crazy now, so it's probably not a bad thing all the way around.

We're also planning another trip out to the UK next month for the kids' 5th birthday. Well, no, not FOR them (it's mostly for work), but we're totally telling them it's ALL ABOUT THEM. This makes monsters happy. Happy monsters = happy moms.

Amy and I also celebrated our 10-year anniversary in January with the help of my mother, a great Tahoe ski resort, and some complimentary dinner, dancing, and champagne. Ten years! I can hardly believe it. My 20-year high school reunion is coming up this year, too.

Damn, do I suddenly feel ancient.

But all's well in general with the whole clan. We've just been busy. But I do promise to try to be a little better about this. I think I still owe you the second set of the Austria pics, for criminey's sake!

What a bad blogging mama I've been!!

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