Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, today is the national Blog for Choice Day 2009, commemorating the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and I feel obligated to respond to the question posed by the BFCD organization, which is essentially, what one pro-choice move do you want to see the new administration make?

And I find myself still so shocked that we very nearly saw Roe v. Wade overturned last year, and that, regardless of the best intentions of the Obama clan, ultimately, Roe v. Wade is not a policy over which they have any control. And that if the law is challenged again, the Supreme Court, who are already leaning in that direction, may consider overturning it anyway. And it makes me wonder if we're not going to see more of that, more right-leaning legislation, more conservative decisions, more liberal decisions being challenged to counteract the largely liberal-thinking left, because there's not enough checks and balances in place, because they can.

But that's worrying without reason right now. So, I'll hold off on that until it's warranted.

For now, my one wish is that we have a national standard sexuality education program mandated for all public schools. Something very straight-forward, but all-encompassing, that includes abstinence, sure, but is not abstinence-only. That includes objective information about homosexuality, but is neither pro- nor anti-gay. That includes speeches from other teens about their own experiences with abortion. That includes basic information about all forms of contraception. That doesn't just talk about how the sperm gets to the egg, but includes a psychotherapy aspect of identifying and developing one's self-worth. That includes group discussion around the social and societal pressures about sex, sexuality, family, love.

Knowledge is power. The more we provide, the more they can provide for themselves.


amazonfm said...

I have always regarded this issue as a right to choose, and have always felt that the opposition to abortion is based on 'allowing' a woman to choose. (The religious issue just clouds this and divert attention away from it.) Like most issues concerning women, the basic rights of women are involved and the opposition is always, in my view, based on a patriarchal opposition to women choosing for themselves.

SAIA & CHAGO said...