Saturday, January 24, 2009


Both monsters had a rough week, and then very nearly drove their teacher over the edge on Friday. It was a class mutiny, apparently. So, they both had to write lines. Ten times in their best handwriting: "I will be respectful of my teachers and my parents from now on."

Saia was also grounded yesterday, which just tore her up because Fridays are now game nights (part of our New Year's resolutions). And he was grounded yesterday and today, too, which is just about driving him crazy because his sister spares no moment to taunt him with the things she's doing even though it's so obvious that she's completely bored without him.

Anyway...his only allowable activities today are reading, writing, or 'rithmetic.  He skimmed over a couple of math problems, wrote a few sentences, and then (wisely) settled on reading for the rest of the afternoon.

Me, I'm already exhausted -- and it's only noon.   

Chago reading King Arthur & The Knights of the Roundtable, a Christmas gift from Mema

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