Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh, you've got to be f'ing kidding me with this?!?!

Trying not to be all chicken-little on this one, but evidently there was a recent report released from the FDA showing evidence of "trace amounts" of lead in, get this, children's vitamins and prenatal supplements!!! Can you freaking believe that sh*t!!!

Here's a link to the FDA report with a full table that lists all the vitamins tested. Looks like, in general, liquid vitamins tend to contain less lead.

Here's a link to the article that tipped me off posted at MotherTalkers. There are some really great comments, too, which you should try to read if you can, including some very rational perspectives about the fact there's probably more lead on the outside of a carrot than in a Flinstone vitamin.

But the point, the very real and very frustrating point, is that I (and millions of other women) took those nasty horse-size prenatal vitamins every single day for the year before, the 10 months of, and the two years after that I breast-fed, and have had to force our children every single day since they were born to take their own BECAUSE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE US HEALTHIER!!!!!!



amazonfm said...

Just the other day there was a report in the newspaper about the amount of alcohol in mouthwash. This study had found that the alcohol remains in the mouth after rinsing and is absorbed by the lining of your cheek, and this then makes your mouth susceptible to oral cancers.
The upshot of the story was that, in the opinion of the study, mouthwash should only be available via a prescription from your GP.

I'm not saying that you don't have a legitimate concern here, there could well be small amounts of lead in vitamins, but perhaps the amount of lead could be given a relative reference(a bit like the carrot comment)so that you can compare this amount, to say, the amount of lead ingested via what we eat or otherwise absorb.

I reckon you are still all pretty healthy.

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