Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With Amy traveling again and coming off of the Memorial Day weekend, it was totally expected that our routine would be slightly off this week. But when I heard the BEEPBEEPBEEP of the garbage truck down the street and realized we forgot to take out the bins last night, I grew just a tad pissier than my usual sunny self. 

Stumbling out of bed, I ran downstairs, out the garage, and to the side of the house. I grabbed the giant green yard waste bin that's practically my height, and lugged it to the curb in my bare feet. 

Returning for the humongous blue recycling bin and brown trash can, I stepped on one snail, two rocks, and at least 3 different slug trails. Cursing loud enough to make the Chinese man who walks his weiner dog every morning and doesn't speak a lick of English turn around and scowl at me disapprovingly, I brushed myself off, and headed back inside, ignoring the 4th car to drive by the house at a really really reaaaally slow speed. 

And yes, right around that time it finally occurred to me that I was indeed still in my jammies -- summer jammies, no less. And, apparently,  had just become THAT woman in the neighborhood. 

In other news... 

Kids dressed up for Mix-Match Day today. The very thought of mixing his shoes, though, very nearly sent him into an epileptic fit, so he got to keep those "normal."

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Kimberly Kihega said...

Cute get-up! I found you at MBC.