Friday, August 13, 2010


"Mom, can you find on your computer the address for Mary Pope Osborne?" he says this morning after devouring yet another Magic Tree House book.

"Her address?" I say with a tinge of alarm. "Are you wanting to go visit her or something?"

"No, Mom!! I want to write her a note," he says.

"A loooooove note?" Saia teases.

"NO!" he yells. "A thank you note."

So I find and hand him the Random House care-of address on a post-it note, and he stares at it a while before saying, "But this isn't where she LIVES, Mom."

"Well, no, Bubba, but they don't really make those addresses available for the general population. I mean, I could probably find it for you with very little effort and $19.95, but I'm getting a little uncomfortable with the general direction of this request."

"But is she going to actually GET my letter? Because I really want for HER to read it."

"Well, I'm sure the publishing house ensures that she gets all of her fan mail. But why is it so important, babe?"

"Because when she reads my note she's gonna want to quote me at the back of her book, so I just wanna make sure she gets it in time for her next book."


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