Friday, July 08, 2005

'MAMA!!! IT'S SIX-O-O!!!' And when I roll over to check, it's really still only 5:15am. 'Go back to sleep, Chago!' 'Mama, I have to go potty! I have to go POT-ty!! I have to GO potty!!! I have to go pot-TY!!!!' Ugh. 'I'm coming, Saia!' 'Mama, NOW it's six-o-o!!!' 'No, Chago, it's still dark. It's only 5:30. Let's go back to sleep.' 'Mama, I want some water.' 'No water, Saia. It's time for sleep.' 'Mama, do you remember when it was six-o-o?' 'Yes, Chago. That was yesterday. Right now it's only 5:45. Please go back to sleep.' 'Mama, please cover me.' 'Okay, Saia, now go back to sleep for 15 more minutes.' 'Mama, I want my blue lion.' 'Where is it, Chago?' 'Downstairs.' 'Well, then that's where it's going to stay. You can go get him when you get up.' 'At six-o-o?' 'Yes, son, at six-o-o.' 'It's six-o-o now, Mama?'

'yes, is.'

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