Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday, so the kids sang their over-rehearsed rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to her which never ever seems to get past 'Happy Birthday to you...' (even after they've sung that same verse 20 times!)

And then they started pleading for some cake. It was a German Chocolate cake covered with fresh strawberries (stems on). So, Mommy just scooped up a tiny bit of frosting onto a couple of strawberries and let the kids have at 'em. Two seconds later, Chago is spitting something onto the floor. "Bubba, what's wrong? Why are you doing that?" Mama asked. "I don't like the green part, Mama," he said very matter of factly. "Those are leaves, son. They're not for eating. Let's throw those in the trash."

"Saia, what did you do with your green part?"

"I ate it," she said as she reached for another.

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