Monday, July 25, 2005

Mommy had to run into work on Saturday to let in the painting crew. The kids were absolutely not having it. So, there they went at 6:45 in the morning -- decked out in their jammies, unwashed, unkempt, barefoot, but happy.

On the way, Saia expressed to Mommy how glad she was that there was no traffic (will have to tell the 'watch out for traffic' story from the Alameda County Fair some day), while Chago was simply enchanted with the remnants of the full moon.

Due to the minor delay in packing up the kiddos, Mommy was a little late and the painters were a little huffy -- apparently, a little too much so for The Mighty Saia, who stridently declared that she did not like them.

"Why don't you like them, baby? You don't even know them," said Mommy.

"Because," replied Saia, "they are mad at my Mommy."

[definitely the kind of girl you want in your corner]

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