Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"What's dat, Mema?" she asks impishly. "That's pudding, Saia," explains Mema. "Saia wants some," she clarifies. "Well, we need to make it first," continues Mema. So they do -- with Saia mixing and pouring the [sugar-free, of course] concoction into 6 little bowls. "One...two...three," she counts as she helps Mema put them in the refrigerator. "Four...five...six. There are six, Mema!" "That's right, Saia. Good job."

After naps, Mema prepared snack. Saia gobbled up her pudding and asked rather expectantly for more. "There's no more, baby," replies Mema. "Saia wants more pudding, Mema," she says a little slower and a little louder because, clearly, Mema didn't understand. "I know, Saia, but that's all there is. There's no more pudding," Mema says firmly.

Exasperated, Saia illuminates her obviously absentminded grandmother, "Yes, there is, Mema. Saia had one. There are six!"

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