Thursday, February 23, 2006


When I picked them up from school yesterday, Saia went running to a shelf to collect "her magnets".

"What magnets, sweetheart? We didn't bring any magnets. Those need to stay here," I explain.

"No, Mama, these are MY magnets. I will take them home with me," she says as she wraps her chubby little fingers around 4 blue letter magnets and shoves her hands behind her back.

"No, Saia, those belong to the school. We need to leave them here. You know we don't take things home with us from school. Your letter magnets are on the fridge at home, remember?"

But she was adamant and then furious and then crying, and I just couldn't understand where all this was coming from. She was upset all the way home. She'd stopped crying but was visibly not pleased with the outcome -- and definitely not pleased with me.

When we got home, she ran to the fridge to play with her magnets. I felt a little comforted by that and the evening went on as usual. But when Mommy got home from a business dinner later that evening, she casually mentioned that she'd seen Saia stuffing magnetic letters into her pockets this morning and did I make sure to take them out before we left for school?

Ugh...I felt like such a shit.

I had a really restless night waiting for her to wake up this morning. I climbed into the the big bed next to her and apologized for not listening and asked her to be a little more patient with me when she was explaining things because sometimes Mama was a little hard-headed.

Chago leaned over and patted my head, "It's okay, Mama. Your head is softer today."

Ain't that the truth?

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