Thursday, June 29, 2006



Kiles from She Means the World to Me:
  1. How did you meet your partner?
  2. In a strip club. She was the bouncer. I was a dancer. Oh, no, that was Flashdance.

    Amy and I were introduced 8 1/2 years ago by her best friend, my sister-in-law, while I was visiting my family in Texas from Massachusetts where I was going to school. She professed her love to me after just 5 days; although I'll admit I wasn't ready for another relationship at the time -- not that that actually meant anything to anyone -- least of all me. We spoke on the phone incessantly -- a real phone, a land line, if you can imagine that -- day and night, racking up hundreds of dollars in phone bills and prepaid calling cards. We pager messages (that's right, I said 'pager' - you just try, I double-dog dare you, to make even three words out of the inverted numbers 0-9; and no, one of them can't be h-e-double hockey sticks!). We wrote (with a pen and ink and stamps and everything) love letters every single day, and made each other mixed tapes like we had stock in Sony. She came to visit me a month later for Valentine's Day with my initials and lips tattooed over her left breast in the exact shade I'd used to seal my letters every day since the moment we met. I flew down to see her a month later for Spring Break. She bought a one-way ticket a month after that, and we drove across 6 states down to Texas to our very first apartment together.
  3. Name just one thing (of many things I am sure) which makes your heart melt that Saia and Chago do?
  4. Chago cups my face with his hands to plant the cutest little pucker on my lips. It just kills me everytime.

    Saia gives the biggest and strongest hugs right around the neck with my face completely buried in her curls and my larynx on the verge of splintering -- almost always when I least expect it -- and often when I most need it.
  5. What is your most favorite characteristic about yourself?
  6. That I'm still and always the eternal optimist.
  7. If a movie could be made about your family who would you want play yourself and your partner?
  8. You mean we're not being filmed? Then who's the guy in the bushes with the camera?
  9. If you could only eat one kind of food for the next month day in and day out what would it be?
  10. Five-star red curry with chicken. Granted, I'd be spewing blood by breakfast on day 4, but I'd be happy happy happy!!!
  • If you wanna play, too, leave me a comment saying "INTERVIEW ME, WOMAN!" The first three commenters will be the participants. You don't have to be gay. You don't have to be a parent. But you do have to have a blog/website that you can post to.
  • I'll respond by asking you five original questions.
  • You'll update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
  • You'll include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  • When others comment asking to be interviewed, you'll ask them five new questions.

Thanks for the interview, Kiles. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. :)


Ya wanna???

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Kiles said...

Thanks for the answers Jo Anne, had to laugh at your movie answer....the guy in the bushes, he is my spy ;-), the movie will be on early 2007. ha ha ha