Thursday, June 08, 2006


The cutest thing happened to us while at the airport waiting to collect our rental car this past weekend. A woman with twin boys was waiting in line behind us and the kids all began to play together -- her boys carefully pulling individual cars from their fanny packs and our kids spreading mass chaos all over the floor as they proceeded to completely empty out their backpacks onto the shiny checkerboard linoleum tiles.

Come to find out...the boys are also 3 years old. And not only that, they're less than a month older than our kiddos (although Saia & Chago looked like Amazon spawn standing next to her petite little things).

And then...and this is where it gets good...we find out that one of her boys is named "Saia". Yes, Saia! Can you believe that? Only it's pronounced "Sai-ay". But alas, the similarities ended there. She did not, in fact, get it off the side of a freight truck, and was a little more than amused to learn that I did, and won't that be funny [ha, ha] when she's 10 and you're trying to explain...

Yeah, I know, I know. Already been thinking about that, honey. Thanks for the reminder.

But what a very cool coinkydink, huh?

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