Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's his new thing.

He went from not eating green beans or sugar snap peas or snow peas, or any other kind of pea/bean in a pod to suddenly deciding that they were the greatest thing in the world... long as he could skin it.

And it's odd to watch him do. A little creepy and cannibalistic somehow. (Him doing, not my watching. That's just a sickness.)

But I guess if the price I have to pay for getting him to eat his green veggies consistently is a little scooping up of their unsightly and freshly skinned carcasses all piled in a neat little mound in the middle of his plate, well, hell, so be it.

It could be waaaaay worse. And you know it.


Sonia said...

Hey, have you tried edamame on him yet? He has to "skin" those anyway?

JO ANNA GUERRA (of The Adventures of Saia and Chago) said...

You know, not in a long while. Good idea, though. Maybe it's time to re-introduce.