Thursday, June 11, 2009


Got this one from my new favorite site, EcoTips. Much preferred it to the suggestion that I crochet the fucking vegetable netting into pot scrubbers.


I mean, more power to ya if that's your thing and all, but seriously?!? Crochet the plastic netting??? That's like asking me to use leaves when I go potty. Puh-lease! And also...

No. Thank. You.

Here's the extent of my conservationism, people:
  • where possible keep them for storage
  • use them for filling with fruit squash or juice before freezing to make popcicles
  • schools may want to use them as craft materials or paint containers
  • use in garden as pots for seedlings or covers
  • cut into strips and use as plant labelers
  • puncture the bottom of 2 pots, thread a string between them, and then kiddos can use them as a (really really) cheap makeshift phone
Or better yet, stop buying the little individual serving size containers and only buy the larger one which can be better re-used for future food storage.

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