Monday, September 21, 2009


Heading over to our favorite little local restaurant. Stopped at a red light. All windows down as we soak in the last bits of our Cali summer. And the sheriff's car rolls up along side us, also with his windows down.

Amy glances over and then whispers to the kids with a nod, as she usually does, "You better behave, there's the..."

When the kids suddenly shout (of course, at the top of their lungs), "IT'S THE PO-PO!!! HANDS UP!!!" As they both shoot their hands straight up in the air.

And yes, the cops turned to us and saw the whole damn thing. And yes, they burst out laughing. And yes, I was just mortified, and had to stick my head out of the window to apologize in the middle of the busy intersection, and then proceeded to glare (pretty unsuccessfully) at Amy (who was also still cracking up) all the way to the restaurant.

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