Saturday, September 12, 2009

it's raining tonight

Oh my God, that's thunder. Do you hear it? I think it's raining.

It always reminds me of Seattle, of New Orleans, of Texas. You remember? It always makes me think of you.

Here, come lay down next to me. You can hear it perfectly from right here on this pillow.

Mmm...can you smell it? Man, there's just nothing like that. It's dancing off the cars and the stop signs and the street lamps. Not quite the same as a lamina roof, I know, but it's still such a powerful sound. Can you hear it from where you are, baby? Is it there somewhere above her whispers and giggles?

Look! Did you see that? Here comes the lightening now. Lightening! I can't even remember the last time I saw lightening. The whole sky just lit up like fireworks! Why are you missing this, dammit? Why aren't you here?

God, I do love the rain. It's the first downpour of the season, you know. How much do you think it can wash away tonight, I wonder?

1 comment:

Woo222 said...

Rain is awesome. I'm sorry you're lonely for her tonight. I'm not saying you shouldn't be, I think it makes sense and I understand it and sympathize. It sucks.