Monday, September 14, 2009

casualties of an unexpected decaffeination

I don't know how many casualties there were. It's been a good 3 days, I'd say, and the toll has definitely been on the rise.

I was at the bank, the nail salon, the school -- twice. There's a good 6 innocent bystanders right there. Then I completely ignored direct requests from a couple of friends for visits, IM-flamed others, and even burned off a few emails I probably should've recalled -- if that recall feature actually worked.

And somewhere in there, I even managed to snub a new neighbor, piss off the mailman, and yell the dogs so far back into their houses that they didn't even come out when I called them for guilt-treats later.

But it wasn't until I'd barked at the kids for like the 15th time in an hour and Saia, smart girl that she is, finally called me on it, that I realized the mounting pile of victims had hit its peak and just had to stop.

But what the hell? Where do I start? It's not like I was PMSing. No full moon from what I could tell. No less sleep than usual the night before. And yes, her girlfriend is still in town, but I swallow that whole, down deep inside, where only hypnotherapists dare to go. And then I saw it. The 12-pack of Diet Dr. Peppers I'd been tearing through the last two days was not the new one with cherry, like I thought. It was not only cherry-less (go ahead, just try to crack a joke with me today), but the damned thing was freaking caffeine-free!!


Woo222 said...

Bean is totally addicted to cherry dr. pepper too and has brought it home so much that I'm starting to feel addicted to it too. Makes me wonder if they are putting crack in it. And you are allowed to be moody..we all are moody sometimes.

lisa said... thinking you need to open more than a 12 pack of dr.pepper..this does not sound like the joanna i grew to adore.and whatevr you open,throw a cherry in there

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

WITHDRAWAL! Whew! Now we know the issue we need to get you a triple shot of just what the Dr. (Pepper) ordered.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from MBC!
Now following you...

I can relate! We need caffine in our lives. :-)