Sunday, October 18, 2009


All. Damn. Day.

But we got it done.

And they even helped.

A little.

Well, ok, mostly it was Saia. Santiago dug the guts out of the first pumpkin and quit halfway through, moaning and groaning about the eewy and the gooey and the slimy and the gross. And yet, in that wee little time, he still somehow managed to get it all in his hair, inside his ears, and down his pants.

Down his pants, for crissakes?!?!?

And then, after all that work, in between snacks, lunch, homework, reading, dinner, and showers, we finally got them all set out on the sidewalk, got a ton of compliments from the neighborhood over the next 4 days, and then watched them slowly transform, disfigure, melt, and devolve into our own personal little gruesome science experiments. Hairy green gourds-turned-petri dishes shooting mold spores wildly and wantonly into the air, threatening to send every man, woman, child, and dog that walked by into anaphylactic shock at any given moment!!!

Talk about a scary Halloween, man.

So, Benedryl at the ready, and less than a week after their creation, we sadly disposed of the monstrously morose (and now, practically deadly) sextuplets.

And then...

...had to do it all over again... replace them...

...3 days later.

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