Saturday, October 17, 2009


Decided to trek our happy cookies all the way across the water, over the river and through the woods, down to Half Moon Bay for our annual pumpkin patch pilgrimage.

Beat the morning traffic to the pumpkins just fine, but...

...not all the wacko beer-drinking, wine-guzzling, pumpkin-ice-cream-licking, pumpkin-roll-inhaling, pumpkin-pie-slamming crazies who all drove in from 4 hours away and paid $20 each to park in someone's front yard to walk around a string of kiosks selling homemade kaleidoscopes for $750 and blown glass hermit crabs at two for five bucks.

Oh, wait, that was us.

But we ended up with very full bellies, 6 gorgeous pumpkins, and two happy monsters, all before 1pm.

That would be a good day.

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