Monday, October 26, 2009

STAR STUDENT (like he needed a bigger ego!)

So, he was hand-picked by his teacher to be the first Star Student of the year, which meant he would have to put together a presentation for his class about...well...his all-time favorite subject: himself.

It took all of 10 minutes to pull together.

He knew exactly what he wanted to say (i.e., "The best thing about me is that I'm a great friend!"), exactly what pictures he wanted to include (i.e., "that one of me, Mom, where I'm just soooo cute"), and exactly what he wanted to share that best represented him (i.e., an abridged version of Beowolf because he loves the storyline, is obsessed with the illustrations, and, of course, the sword fighting is just a bonus).

And as if his putting himself up on a soapbox wasn't enough to make him feel uber-special, he then got to sit on one of those big yoga balls all day at school instead of his regular chair, and he could move it around wherever he went, was the line-leader all week, and -- by far his favorite treat -- didn't have to sit on the floor "with the rest of them," but instead got to sit in this special little chair right up front next to the teacher ALL WEEK LONG.

And, yes, of course he insisted on dressing up all week, too. Hey, this boy knows how to shine!!!

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Sonia said...

Be scared. Be very scared.