Wednesday, December 09, 2009

LETTERS TO SANTA (or...the art of negotiation from the minds of 6-year-olds)

Apparently employing tactics straight out of the "How to Influence People" series, Saia's letter to Santa this year (photo to the right) was really not messing around.

Notice how effortlessly she...
  1. highlights her strongpoints [repeating the word "help" as many times as possible in one sentence for added subliminal persuasion]
  2. owns up to her areas of weakness [but only "sumtims"], and then quickly quashes it with her efforts to improve them ["I did chors"]; and finally
  3. she's straightforward with her expectations ['cause you certainly ain't gonna git it if you don't even bother asking for it]
Thinking I may just have to enlist her to edit my resume, although I'm pretty sure I can't afford her.

Santiago, not surprisingly, took a slightly different approach with his letter to Santa this year (photo to the left).

Although, his negotiating skills and talent for understating the obvious appear to be a bit more polished ["for the most part, I've had a good year"], we may need to work on toning down the brown-nosing ["Santa, I hope YOU had a good year too. I think your very Joly and very fun!"].

Hmm...just a tad?

Thinking even Santa might see right through that one this year.

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lvlc said...

Hilarious!!!! Robert is not used to make Santa letters... Don't know.. may be this year will be his first!