Friday, December 18, 2009


Man, were they adorable. All dressed in black and white. Each with a holiday scarf. I didn't even notice that there were other children around them.

But there they stood, surrounded by 80 other first graders, standing so straight and tall, all singing at the top of their lungs, all smiling from ear to ear, all blinded from the barrage of camera flashes from the mom-and-poparazzi.

And I was shocked, as I usually am, at how well they behaved. They knew exactly what to do next, where to go next, what song was coming up next. They actually clapped on the beat and even hit a few notes here and there.

Had a bit of tennis neck, as their classes were on opposite sides of the stage. But beyond that, we were just so proud...that no one got one knocked anyone one picked their nose...and no one poked anyone's eye out. At least not DURING the show.


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